How to choose the right palisade fencing system to secure property in Cape Town

Below you’ll find a list of but a few of the major points to bear in mind when choosing palisade fencing to keep your family and property secure – make sure, of course, that the company designing and manufacturing the fencing is one with a trusted reputation with long-term customers:

Durable strength

Well-designed and manufactured palisade fencing provides you with perimeter security that offers durable strength that’s made to handle all weather conditions, season after season.

Excellent investment

There’s no doubt that palisade fencing is an excellent investment. Not only will it add resale value to your property, it will also add curb appeal with its aesthetically pleasing design. Your perimeter security need not make your property look like a prison!

Protecting children

Intruders look for softer targets than homes protected by palisade fencing, which means that your children and pets are safer playing outside with a quality fence protecting them, than with a wall an intruder can climb.

No place to hide

A palisade fence affords criminals no place to hide should they even dare to risk the climb.  You do need to be careful about where you plant large bushes that cut off line of sight from within your home and from outside.

CCTV compatible

Because there are no dark corners to use as a hiding place to leverage entrance to your property without you noticing, your CCTV system will be highly effective with a clear line of sight of the area surrounding your property.

Effective for security patrols

By law, security personnel out on patrol are forbidden to climb walls surrounding your property in order to find out why an alarm may have been activated. On the other hand, they are able to view any criminal activity on your property easily and, in general, disturb anyone intent on accessing your property.

Exceptional quality

If it’s Topfence palisade fencing you choose, you can be absolutely certain that you’ll have tamper-proof fencing of exceptional quality that can’t be cut or climbed!

Topfence Palisade Fencing ticks all the boxes above, and more, without a doubt. Having protected families, homes, commercial and industrial properties since 2008, this is a team that brings all the knowledge and experience you could possibly need to make the right choice in terms of a superb crime barrier that’ll go the distance and still look great years after installation!

The team at Topfence has combined the best in raw material, added their special touch to all the nuts and bolts that form the whole fencing system, to produce palisade fencing in Cape Town that is unrivalled in the industry.

This is a team with a can-do attitude second to none, able to tackle any project, big or small, and offer highly competitive prices that fit comfortably with any budget.

Being in the position of being able to design and manufacture each fence individually according to client specifications, has a lot to do with making this fencing affordable to all.

This unique palisade fencing system is a direct response from Topfence to the need for truly effective perimeter security, adding to it the fact that this is fencing that not only protects your property, but that adds aesthetic value to it as well.

Should you wish to know more, contact Topfence by giving them a call or filling in their online contact form for a free, no obligation quote!