Why choose palisade fencing as a highly effective crime deterrent

In an economic climate that has seen the crime statistics rise higher than ever before, and, because crime syndicates are sophisticated and watch the movements of home and business property owners, along other crime gangs that are bent of violence, once they enter any property, palisade fencing has become the number one crime deterrent in terms of perimeter security in Cape Town.

Criminals put a lot more research into the crimes the plan today, given that security measures being used have become very sophisticated in terms of technology, and they make sure they learn about this technology in order to defeat its purposes and make way for their nefarious purposes.

A study is made of high value targets by these syndicates. They know what is inside a home or business that’s worth targeting, and, as professionals, they get to work to make sure they are also one step ahead of technology, or at the very best, that they know exactly how to defeat it’s purposes in protecting you.

If you have no real perimeter security around your home, you should be aware that nothing is too brazen for criminals today, and that they’ll go as far as to batter down your front door without hesitation, just to get inside and do what they came to do, and nothing can stop them.

Combining crime deterrents is an excellent way of protecting your family and property, and this should start right at the perimeter of your home, working its way in to burglar bars, alarms, motion sensor lights and CCTV for a comprehensive, proactive route to take to protect life and property.

7 Reasons that make choosing to secure your property with the right quality palisade fencing in Cape Town:

Stylish yet tough security

When you choose Topfence as the team to help you with designing a tailor-made palisade fencing system, you can look forward to your palisade fence being the perfect crime deterrent that sends criminals off to softer targets. And, though unattractive to criminals, this fencing will give your property great curb appeal due to its’ stylish and attractive design.

Nothing compares to palisade fencing as protection for your loved ones!

We want our children to be as safe as possible in a world that doesn’t make it easy, and, despite the hard work you’ve put in to accumulate valuables and what they mean to you, it’s always going to be your family that comes out tops in terms of protection.

If you’re out in the world all day, the peace of mind you deserve is to know that your family will be protected and can play safely outdoors behind an exceptionally well made, unique palisade fencing system as designed by Topfence.

Long lasting, trusted durability

The reason the unique Topfence Palisade Fencing System is considered the toughest fencing around and the most durable, is that they make sure to use only galvanised steel components throughout, and that they use only SABS approved materials in the manufacture of this durable palisade fencing that lasts well into the future.

Affordable palisade fencing for the Western Cape

One of the main reasons Topfence is able to manufacture this affordable palisade fencing system, and keep their prices highly competitive, is that a majority of the material they use is sourced in the Western Cape, which keeps it local and benefits everybody.

Completely tamperproof palisade fencing

A lot of work went into designing this tamperproof palisade fencing system when Topfence started out in 2008, which has resulted in a tamperproof fence, made so through the use of security nut fasteners that can’t be fiddled with and that also cannot be cut.

Works superbly in tandem with CCTV

Because palisade fencing gives one direct visual access to what’s going on outside and inside your property, it’s the perfect form of perimeter security to work in conjunction with CCTV.

Nowhere to gain a foothold

How nasty you choose to make the spiked toppings of your palisade fence is your choice and we’d suggest you get real mean about it, giving no criminal a foothold to climb and therefore access your property. It should be made as painful a thought as possible for any criminal even thinking about gaining access to your property!

Gain the greatest ROI when you choose Topfence Palisade Fencing!

There’s no doubt that Topfence Palisade Fencing considered an investment that gives you a fantastic return on investment as it endures year after year of the Cape weather. This is fencing you won’t have to spend a fortune on to maintain it year after year.

It stands proud, stylish and tough for many years well into the future, and it’s also the best investment you could possibly make into having a crime deterrent like this as your first line of defence against criminals.

Let the friendly team of experts at Topfence introduce you to the unique system of palisade fencing they’ve developed and manufactured since 2008 before you make any decisions about fencing in Cape Town.

When you meet this team you’ll find out first hand why their customers will tell you they are a down to earth crew that are a pleasure to work with and rely on for the best in fencing solutions in Cape Town.