Choose Topfence end-to-end service for the toughest fencing solutions in the Western Cape!

Way back in 2008, the Topfence team tackled their first installation of their unique palisade fencing system in Cape Town, in the Northern suburbs of Durbanville and Brackenfell, and they’ve never looked back!

Today these fencing contractors look after the security of customers’ right across the Western Cape, from Sea Point to Somerset West and beyond!

With this background of success it’s easy to understand why most of the new projects tackled by this team come about through word of mouth, recommendations that come from their many satisfied clients who know well the quality that they invested in.

The quality comes from the fact that this team uses only the highest quality in materials to manufacture their galvanised steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing, and it’s a quality that is long lasting!

This team believes in value for money, without a doubt, and with it comes their commitment to service excellence that has propelled them to their current position as a market leader in the fencing industry in Cape Town.

Here are just a few reasons customers choose Topfence for the best in fencing solutions:

Free services from day one!

The team at Topfence doesn’t skimp when it comes to making it as easy as possible for customers to get to the point where they have all the goods they need to make an informed decision about choosing this unique palisade fencing system to protect their families and properties.

This means the team offers free services that include on-site measurements, quotation and assistance at the drawing board should you give them the nod to go ahead!

You’re also more than welcome to chat to the guys about prices before you even request a quote, this is one company that doesn’t put pressure on just because you have a few questions to ask!

Real end-to-end service with one fencing contractor

This is a real bonus with Topfence! You’ll be taken right from measurement to manufacture and final installation by this one team, with no other contractors involved to muddy the waters!

When Topfence gives you the date of your installation you can rely on it 100%, and they deliver the project on time, every time!

Affordable quality fencing solutions

There is definitely a middle ground to be found between cheap fencing that won’t last a season and over-priced fencing that may even do the same, and in that middle ground is where the excellence offered by Topfence is to be found.

Local manufacture, using SABS-approved materials and galvanised steel components allows Topfence the freedom to keep their prices for fencing extremely competitive, giving customers a real edge when it comes to making a great investment.

Individual manufacture of tailor-made palisade fencing

Every palisade fence that is produced by Topfence at their manufacturing plant in Cape Town is individually manufactured for each customer. This means that you get superior fencing that is manufactured to meet with site specifications and your own personal design.

Topfence Palisade Fencing gives you a tamper-proof crime barrier

The unique palisade fencing system manufactured by Topfence gives you a tamper-proof crime barrier that cannot be climbed or cut, which is exactly what you need in terms of having the perfect perimeter fencing in place as your first line crime deterrent.

Unbeaten quality

As a self-manufactured product, Topfence Palisade Fencing is the toughest fencing designed for the Cape. Every component is made up of SABS-approved materials and galvanised steel designed to withstand the coastal weather.

This is a fence you can rely on not to sag, rust or start falling apart after one tough Cape winter!

If you’d like honest, expert advice about securing your property with durable, attractive palisade fencing, then the team at Topfence will be more than happy to assist, all it takes is one call to get the ball rolling towards quality perimeter fencing!