Invest in Topfence Palisade Fencing as your first line of defence against residential crime

With soaring crime levels in 2021, it has become essential to have the right perimeter fencing around your property, whether residential or commercial, to protect your loved ones and property under current conditions, especially since home robberies are at the top of the list of crimes in South Africa.

The statistics are horrific, but, unless you’ve been a victim, you can never fully comprehend just how bad these numbers are, and, they are increasing, whether we accept them or not, but, whatever your choice is, security around and inside your property has become an absolute necessity if you want to avoid becoming a statistic.

Home invasions have increased dramatically, many of which end in lives being lost and not even for very much in terms of takings for the robbers. The fact is that life has become cheap, and, with statistics like 300 000 cases of assault on record per year, it’s easy to see why we need to take drastic steps to avoid becoming victims of robbery, whether at home or at work.

House robberies and burglaries are on the rise. Every day 625 homes are burgled, with an additional 61 cases per day where the occupants are confronted in their home, which means that we need to become serious about the security measures we use to deter criminals from attempting to enter our properties.

Start from the outside in with the installation of high quality Topfence Palisade Fencing as your first line of defence

Having become market leaders in the fencing industry since 2008, the team at Topfence bring many years worth of experience to the table in terms of assisting you to invest in the toughest palisade fencing in Cape Town.

This unique palisade fencing system is tamper-proof, virtually impossible to climb, cut or hide behind, which turns your property into a hard rather than a soft and easy target for criminals who are on the lookout for easy opportunities.

As a full-service fencing solutions company in the Western Cape, Topfence will take you through the entire process, from free on-site measurements to a free, no-obligation quote, and from there to the individual manufacture of your tailor-made palisade fence, with expert installation as the final journey with a team that is a pleasure to work with.

Contact these friendly experts to discuss what they can do to tighten up your perimeter security enough to put off would-be robbers, they have a wealth of knowledge to share with you and will do so more than willingly, even if all you need is to get an idea of prices to start working on your budget!