Choose the right palisade fencing to withstand coastal conditions in & around Cape Town

Sea, sand and surf! It all sounds idyllic; however, when it comes to investing in something as big as palisade fencing in Cape Town, you need to make sure it’ll be able to take what the salty sea air brings with it and handle the extreme season changes!

This is precisely where Topfence Palisade Fencing comes into the picture for Cape Town property owners, business or residential!

This is what you’ll get when you choose this unique palisade fencing system or rigid mesh fencing:

Galvanised steel components

Every nut and bolt, palisade pale and unique horizontal section is manufactured using high quality, SABS approved galvanised steel, which is ideal for the toughest palisade fencing facing this coastal climate.

Rust Proof fencing

We all know how things rust on the coast, which is why Topfence is unique in that every component of it is rust proof, using locally manufactured materials for this reason. You won’t need to replace or repair rusted sections of this tailor made palisade fencing system, of that you can be sure.

Affordable palisade fencing

Topfence is in the unique position of being able to manufacture affordable fencing solutions because they self-manufacture and because of their commitment to using as much locally produced materials as possible, lowering costs significantly for their customers.

Palisade fencing tailor made to your specifications

Every palisade fence is manufactured individually to suit site specifications and your own design specifications, making it a unique form of perimeter security and nothing like any DIY product could ever be.

The toughest crime barrier around

In terms of toughness and durability, you won’t find another fencing solutions company that can produce the toughest crime barrier in Cape Town. Crime escalates at an alarming rate year on year, which has led to many residential, commercial and industrial property owners to invest in either palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing manufactured and installed by Topfence.

Added property value

Most people in the market to buy property today are looking for homes that are already protected by palisade fencing, especially since it has become a fact that fencing is far more of a crime deterrent than any wall can be.

Protecting families and properties since 2008

Topfence is the market leader in palisade fencing in Cape Town, and, with the experience and knowledge gleaned through protecting hundreds of properties throughout the Cape since 2008, you can be 100% certain that you’ll have the best security experts on your side as you secure your property.

Added curb appeal

If anything, Topfence has proven over and over again that stylish, attractive palisade fencing adds aesthetic value and curb appeal to your property like no other fence can do. In essence, your choice of palisade fencing becomes an extension of the décor, style and design of your home and landscaping.

Contact Topfence

Eliciting any kind of information from the friendly, down-to-earth team at Topfence is a pleasure, and, many of their customers will be more than happy to tell you that they’re an awesome team to deal with, start to finish!

Topfence is a full-service fencing contractor, which means they’ll take you from free on-site measurements, free quotation, free assistance with drawing up plans, right through to the manufacture and installation of your attractive, tamper-proof palisade fence!

This is a fencing company that delivers on time, every time, and, their after-sales service is every bit as good as everything else this team does!