Invest The Best In Tamper Proof Perimeter Security

Before you decide to raise a high wall around your property for protection take a look at the durable, attractive and affordable palisade fencing designed and manufactured by Topfence in Cape Town, it may well cause you to reconsider when you think of how easy it makes it for criminals to hide behind. With state of the art Topfence palisade fencing, you will be choosing perimeter security that restricts criminal behaviour by giving them no place to hide and no chance to climb, while at the same time making CCTV surveillance very easy.

Topfence uses only SABS approved materials in the manufacture of their durable palisade fencing system, allowing you to be confident that your perimeter security will be of the highest standard in all aspects.

The Topfence team takes your security very seriously as a result of which Topfence palisade fencing is most certainly not a DIY product. Each fence is individually designed and manufactured according to site specifications, and with expert consultants who will do a full site inspection free of charge, deciding to contact Topfence for a free, no-obligation quote is worth it before you build that high wall.

From design to manufacture and installation, there is no doubt that Topfence is a full-service company offering the highest quality in palisade fencing available in Cape Town at the most affordable prices.

Rust forms easily in the coastal area surrounding Cape Town, but with Topfence palisade fencing you will never have to replace or repaint, this palisade fencing is made to withstand anything this coastal region can throw at it and still stand strong. Galvanised components are the secret to the success that Topfence has enjoyed throughout the years that they have been securing homes and commercial properties in Cape Town.

There is no doubt that you can rely on the Topfence team with over 10 years worth of valuable experience to provide you with an attractive tamper-proof palisade fencing system that will last for many years to come!