4 Security Measures That Will Protect Your Home In South Africa

Did you know that last year 250 355 cases of residential robbery and burglary were reported to the SAPD? That’s nearly 700 house break-ins a day! 10% of these happen with the occupants at home.

And since 57 people lose their lives every day in South Africa due to cold-blooded murder, it’s safe to say that these house robberies are one of the ways in which it happens. Every day we hear people say “You aren’t even safe in your own home anymore” and that’s the reality of what’s left of our beautiful country.

Unfortunately, we can’t all pack up and leave. We have to stay and stand our ground. We also have to do everything in our power to protect our homes from these repulsive criminals. These 4 security measures will significantly lower your risk of becoming a victim in your own home.

Automated Garage/Gate

Gate and garage automation isn’t a nice to have. Nearly all reported cases of hijacking happen in the driveway of the victims home. Getting out of your car to open a gate or garage door is a definite no-no.

Security Alarm

No home is safe without a security alarm and no insurance company will pay out without it. And if you link it with reliable armed response, you’re halfway there.

Electric Fencing

What good is a high fence without electric fencing? They’ll find a way over them without any effort. While some even have tricks up their sleeve to bypass electric fencing, it significantly reduces the likelihood of them targeting your home in the first place.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is the preferred enclosure option for South Africans. Mainly because it’s durable but also because it doesn’t offer thieves a place to hide in your yard.

If you had to choose one safety solution, we’d suggest palisade fencing to start with. But to lower the risk of falling victim to a home invasion, you might want to consider all of the above.

Topfence offers reliable and affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town and surrounds. Get in touch for a free quote.

What type of security fencing will protect your business best?

As a business owner there’s no doubt that no matter what you’re protecting, you’re going to look at installing the most effective security barrier to do the job, and to do it well.

It’s going to take more than having a security guard on post day and night to protect your interests. There are just too many areas that can be used as a way to enter your property, especially if the area that he has to cover is quite extensive.

As the technological aspects of security increase, criminals continue to adapt, using sophisticated methods designed to override security systems on private and commercial properties with frightening ease.

Your investment into the production of products that you’re protecting at your premises makes it worth doing a thorough investigation into the most effective security barrier to repel anyone intent on stealing the product of your hard work!

Every business is unique of course. For some it’ll be the protection of materials used to manufacture products, whether in-house or as exports to clients who use the materials in the production of their own products.

Theft of your materials leads to more than just the loss of these materials.

The knock-on effect is that your ability to meet supply and demand will take a downward spiral. This is a situation that will force your customers to look elsewhere for these materials while you seal up the breach in your security barrier.

No matter how loyal your customers are, they cannot hold things up on their end until you’re able to replace materials or components that have been stolen.

Perimeter security in the form of either palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing is an absolute necessity if you need to have strict control over who is allowed onto your property.

For many business owners, especially those involved in research and development of new products, heightened security is a no-brainer!  The secrets that go into this type of research and development leaves a business open to corporate espionage, without the proper access controls in place.

The admission to your property of just one person not meant to be there could lead to losses no one can afford in today’s highly competitive industrial and commercial sphere. In fact, the theft of secrets about manufacturing processes is a very lucrative industry for the unscrupulous.

Let’s look at two fencing options available today from Topfence in Cape Town that’ll mean your business is protected by tough, durable security barriers:

Palisade fencing

Standing tall, with no foot-holds, palisade fencing has earned its place as a top security barrier, particularly for commercial businesses intent on adding elegance and style to the perimeter security around their buildings.

This is also a very popular type of fencing solution for business complexes, especially those that incorporate round-the-clock security guards and entrance barriers, which is an excellent approach to multi-layered forms of protection.

The design of the tops of palisade fencing, along with the variety of colours available for this fencing, means that each can be as unique as is desired.

Topfence has proven over and over again that perimeter security no longer needs to look drab or to resemble a prison!

Rigid mesh fencing

Rigid mesh fencing is a style often chosen to protect industrial premises, schools, parks, hospitals, private homes and more, which can look as attractive as palisade fencing does and be equally effective!

The choice is yours!

Whether you’re looking for a standard type of perimeter fencing solution, or are after something a little more out of the box, the team at Topfence is more than willing to share many years’ worth of experience in the industry as a way to make sure you have the best security barrier in Cape Town!

Contact the professionals at Topfence today for a free, no obligation quote to get you started on protecting all that you hold valuable in your business!

What makes one fencing contractor in Cape Town stand out from the rest?

If you’re looking for a painter, roof specialist, builder or bricklayer, your head will spin when you come face to face with the hundreds out there in the market, which makes it all a real challenge to sift the wheat from the chaff.

The same applies to going on the hunt for a ‘real’ fencing contractor in Cape Town.  Most will promise the moon and stars, but is that what they’ll really deliver?

Well, the answer to that lies in the experience, professionalism and commitment to excellence that marks the fundamental core of any contractor you choose to protect your family, property and assets.

We know that crime rates aren’t going to go down. Unemployment rates in South Africa keep escalating, resulting in even greater desperation to survive.

The sheer violence that has become an overwhelming factor in crime statistics has increased the need for exceptional security barriers that’ll keep families safe and criminals out.

The team at Topfence has, with an unwavering commitment to excellence, earned a reputation as the #1 fencing solutions company, based on the superb quality of workmanship that goes into the manufacture and installation of palisade fencing designed to last.

This is the wholly dedicated role that this awesome team has played in keeping a multitude of properties well-protected since 2008, which adds up to more than enough years’ worth of experience to bring to the table for your security.

No company can stick around this long unless they deliver the best in all they do!

The proof is definitely in the pudding when it comes to choosing Topfence as your fencing contractor in Cape Town!

When you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a quote and accepting it, at the very least you deserve rely on your fencing contractor to keep the lines of communication open, so that service delivery and reliability is the norm rather than the exception.

Then there’s a great list of freebies you can expect from the team at Topfence, before you even sign on the dotted line, and more even after the signing.

To start with, when you contact Topfence for a quotation, you won’t have to wait around twiddling your thumbs for a response!

The response is immediate and planned to coincide with your timing to meet on site, so that meticulous measurements can be taken by a Topfence representative, free of charge.

This will give you your first inkling of what it’ll be like to deal with friendly but consummate professionals.

Once the measurements are done, you’ll once again experience the dedication with which Topfence responds, so that you’ll have your free quotation sooner than you’d expect!

Should you accept the Topfence quotation, you’ll be heading for another freebie, in that the team will assist you in the planning and design stages of your fence.

From there, the measurements and designs are shared with the teams at the Topfence manufacturing plant, so that your unique palisade fence will be manufactured, piece by piece, to perfectly match your expectations.

If working with a full-service fencing contractor is right up your alley, then Topfence is definitely for you!  From drawing board to installation, you’ll have only one awesome team involved in your project, which is more than most can offer!

Save money by choosing high quality fencing that’s maintenance free

If you’re going to go with fencing as the best perimeter security, it’ll be best to make your investment really worthwhile by choosing the fencing very carefully.

The same care needs to be applied to finding a fencing contractor, so that you don’t end up with one that’ll do a sloppy installation and leave you with a fence that starts falling apart far sooner than promised.

If you live in Cape Town you really need to be careful about both the credentials of the contractor and the quality of the fencing produced by the company.

This really matters if you want to invest in a fence that will stand the test of time, without putting you in the position of having to fork out more and more of your hard earned cash on maintenance.

Questions to ask fencing contractors in Cape Town before committing yourself:

  • Ask about the background of the company and how long it’s been in business. This is a sure way of ensuring that you are dealing with a fencing contractor that is anything but a fly-by-night company.
  • Ask for references. Any fencing contractor will be only too happy to share recommendations and references from past clients.
  • Ask questions about prices before you even ask for a quotation. If the contractor is open and easy to approach, you’ll be in the pound seats. They’ll be more than willing to give you an indication of prices, so that you have a basic idea of how to plan your basic budget accordingly.
  • Ask for photos of previous fence installations so that you have a visual of what can be done, especially if you want your barrier fence to be an attractive extension of your property, whether residential or commercial.
  • Ask about the manufacturing process of the fencing and the type of materials used to produce the fencing, especially because it has to be tough enough to repel the rust floating around the coastal area of the Western Cape.

Once you’ve had all your questions answered, you’ll already have a good handle on the professionals you’ll be dealing with, based on their level of honesty and transparency in their dealings with you.

This will give you the confidence you deserve before committing your budget to securing your property with a perimeter barrier that will be of long-lasting quality.

The choice of fence also brings up the question of whether a modular fencing solution will suit your property, or whether you need to look at a more tailored fence to fit the natural contours of your property.

Security fencing in Cape Town has to be manufactured using galvanised materials. Anything less is going to mean that rust will find purchase somewhere on the fence, and where it finds its first home there’s a guarantee that it’s going to spread.

While you’re scouting around to find well-established fencing contractors in Cape Town, a good place to start will be at Topfence, where you’ll find all the answers to your questions.

As the #1 palisade fencing and rigid fence barriers company, Topfence has been protecting families and businesses since 2008, giving this team of friendly professionals all the experience and knowledge necessary to produce nothing but the best in perimeter security.

Tailor-made palisade fencing, rigid mesh fencing, pedestrian and vehicle gates produced by Topfence are of such a high standard that not even the salt-laden air around this coastal region, soaring temperatures in summer and ferociously stormy winters can cause damage.

This means that you’ll be looking at fencing that won’t cost you any more than the initial investment you make, and that you won’t be spending more and more each year on maintenance.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect fencing solution in Cape Town, at affordable prices, start with Topfence, especially if you’d like to work with one contractor, from start to finish!

Enhance the curb appeal of your property with a tailor-made security barrier

There are a few major points that make palisade fencing the best security barrier for residential and commercial properties, and if you get all of them to work together, you’ll have perimeter security second to none.

What are some of these points?

Can the fence be climbed?

The impact that ever-escalating crime statistics are causing in South Africa, has meant that home and business owners have started paying serious attention to the level of security around properties, and which is best suited for their purposes.

Palisade fencing, when it’s done right, is virtually impossible to climb.  You need to be absolutely sure of the quality of fencing you choose, so that you end up with fencing that would give no criminal any purchase place from which to enter your property.

No foothold means no way in!

Is the fence tamperproof?

If it’s easy to cut the fence or to tamper with it in any other way, you’ve chosen the wrong fencing!

Everything from the nuts and bolts, to the galvanised steel pales (rails) that are connected to vertical steel joists, has to be of the highest quality in order to make the security barrier tamperproof.

A further note about this is that a palisade fence is more than just an excellent crime barrier, it is also one of the best deterrents you could add to your property.

If it’s too much trouble to access your property, anyone with criminal intent is going to move on to a softer target.

Will the fence sag?

If the horizontal section of the palisade fence you’ve chosen is made from inferior materials, you’ll find that before long the fence will begin to sag, which is going to make access to your property easier.

It will also cost you more if it needs to be repaired, and, if the fence needs to be replaced, you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket again to do so.

A high quality barrier fence only costs you the initial layout. If it keeps draining your finances, it would cost you less to start all over again and choose strength, quality and durability.

Will it add curb appeal?

There’s no doubt that any property owner, whether residential or commercial, has invested much into the design of the property and would be loath to add an unattractive security barrier to its perimeter, simply for the sake of security.

The beauty of palisade fencing designed and manufactured by a top company such as Topfence, is that it can be designed to be a stylishly attractive extension of your property, which in no way lessens its strength to protect your loved ones and property.

Will it add to the resale value of your property?

Whether or not you’re planning to sell your home, now or in the future, there’s no doubt that buyers are taking perimeter security as seriously as you do, and palisade fencing is a great selling point today.

A durable, attractive palisade fence ups the value of your property far more than a high wall would. This is borne out by the fact that experts agree, that today a high wall can be scaled by the most determined criminal, whereas fencing won’t give them anywhere to hide from view.

Contact Topfence in Cape Town

As experts in the field of perimeter security of the highest standard, the friendly team at Topfence has put all their resources together, to provide exceptionally durable fencing solutions in Cape Town.

This is fencing that can withstand all that Mother nature can throw at it, season after season, and still stand tall many years later.  Contact the team today for a quotation if you’re looking for a tailor-made fencing solution that’ll stand the test of time!

Topfence offers the best first-level security as protection for your property

There are varying types and levels of security that cover a multitude of deterrents for residential, commercial and industrial properties, but no matter where your property fits in, Topfence will work with you to maximise the perimeter security.

The team at Topfence has been protecting families in the Western Cape since 2008, which is more than enough experience to tell you that when they say they’re fully committed to the safety and security of their customers, you can believe it!

Having designed a unique palisade fencing system that can withstand extreme weather conditions around the coast, Topfence has made sure that the fencing they manufacture will protect properties long after installation.

Here are the main levels of security that are used either as standalone systems or as combined systems for maximum protection.

First-level security

Your first-level of security would be the wall or fence around your property.  If there is no first-level of security, anyone is able to approach your building, whether residential or commercial, without any hindrance.

Adding a palisade fence and topping it with electric fencing, which will take making your property unattractive to criminals to a whole new level!

Second-level security

Second-level security is generally a combination of physical crime barriers and passive detectors.

Burglar bars and security gates are essential physical crime barriers on any home or business.  These form another layer of security to your property if intruders have already managed to gain access.

Go the whole hog and add a fence alarm system via a beam into the mix, and your property won’t even be worth a second glance from any criminal!

On the passive end of security for your property is the use of CCTV cameras and motion detectors, however, and it’s a big however, CCTV works best with palisade fencing due to the clear line of sight the fencing offers.

Third-level security

Third-level security generally consists of burglar alarms inside your home or office, triggered either by movement or as a result of doors and windows being forced open.

Stopping intruders before they even get near your home or business is going to depend on how tough your perimeter security is, which is why the route being chosen by homeowners and business owners today is to break down walls and raise up quality palisade fencing.

Early warning

Many homeowners are opting for early warning devices such as external beams, but there is a bit of a distance to go before these beams can tell the difference between a bird, plant or person accurately!

Still, there’s a lot to be said for being woken up by these early warning systems if it means that when it is something serious, you’ll be ready for it!

Start with tamper-proof palisade fencing!

There’s fencing, and then there’s the real deal, and it’s here that you need to be very careful about the choices you make.

The best palisade fencing in Cape Town to be had is in the very capable hands of the Topfence team. This fencing solutions company is rigged to provide a seamless experience for customers, from free measurements and quotation, right through to manufacture and installation!

If you want to do first-level security the easy way, choosing the most competitively priced palisade fencing in the Western Cape, start with a call to Topfence!

Chances are that once you’ve had your first chat with this friendly team, you won’t need to look any further for high quality palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing!

Don’t settle for anything less than the very best in palisade fencing

Investing in palisade fencing isn’t something one does on the spur of the moment, it takes more than just a bit of juggling on the financial side of things for a start.

The fact is, however, that it’s worth juggling those numbers if you’re serious about the safety and security of your family.

The current generation will never know what it’s like to be allowed to play outside until the street lights come on, instead, they’re growing up in a pervasive atmosphere of fear as a result of high crime rates.

Our children and pets are now relegated to playing behind fences or walls, with stern warnings from parents not to talk to strangers or let anyone onto the property ringing in their ears from an early age.

Ours is the age of palisade fences, gated communities and security complexes, an age in which people are finally realising that we need to break down walls and work as a community to protect our families and homes as a whole.

Why is palisade fencing manufactured by Topfence considered the best in the industry?

Here’s just a taste of what it takes to supply the best in palisade fencing designed for Cape Town, by Capetonians:

SABS Approved materials

The bulk of materials used in the manufacture of Topfence products is sourced locally, and it has the SABS stamp of approval, which is the only quality this team is willing to pass on to their customers.

Galvanised steel components

Galvanised steel components are essential for any fence to survive blistering Cape summers and brutal winter storms year after year, without rusting or sagging.

Aside from the fact that the galvanised steel palisade pale has a stiffened rib, and a unique bended horizontal section that prevents sagging, even the sandwiched fixers and security shear nut fasteners are manufactured from high quality galvanised steel, making it completely tamper-proof.

Durable style

When the team at Topfence share their experience with you during the drawing-board phase of the journey to quality fencing, you’ll not only be looking forward to palisade fencing that offers durability that lasts for many years, you’ll also be drawing up plans for a fence that will become an attractive, stylish addition to your property…and keep you safe!

Individual manufacture

If it’s a DIY fencing system you’re looking for, you won’t find it at Topfence!  Every fence is individually manufactured according to site specifications and design style, with a choice between a modular installation and one that follows the natural contours of your property.

Maintenance-free fencing

An investment in Topfence Palisade fencing is a once-off investment! You won’t have to call the team back year after year to repair your fence.

Many people settle for what seems like a cheaper option, only to discover that repairs to the fence makes it costlier than paying for a competitively priced but high quality fence in the first place.

No strings attached

Topfence doesn’t make anyone jump through hoops or pass any tests in order to get great service from day one!

The meticulous measurements taken by a Topfence expert, and the quote you can expect promptly afterwards, based on these measurements, is hassle-free and won’t liberate a cent out of your wallet!

Bring your ideas for your palisade fence to Topfence, along with your budget, and watch these guys perform their special brand of magic! It’ll leave you with a stylish addition to your property that offers tamper-proof security and increased resale value!



Contact the leading manufacturer of fencing in Cape Town for quality perimeter security

There are five essential ingredients required for any company to become a market leader in their field, and they are:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Reliability backed by an enviable reputation
  • Service excellence
  • Attention to detail
  • High quality products
  • Superb workmanship

These are all the ingredients that have taken Topfence from a small company that opened its doors in 2008, installing palisade fencing in Durbanville, Cape Town, to a trusted manufacturer and supplier of quality fencing solutions throughout the greater Western Cape.

There is no doubt about the fact that Topfence has retained the same level of commitment they started out with, focussed on the protection of customers, their families and properties.

The team at Topfence has remained on the cutting edge of any and all of the latest developments in terms of unbeatable perimeter security so that they are always ahead of the rest.

This means that along with the extensive growth of the company, Topfence uses the latest technology available on the market in order to design and manufacture palisade fencing that out-performs and outlasts any other on the market.

The combination of the latest technology, along with locally sourced materials used in the manufacture of Topfence products, also means that if you’re looking for affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town, you need look no further.

Another stroke of genius born out of the think-tank before Topfence even opened its doors for trading, is that this team understood that to design, manufacture and install fencing solutions in Cape Town, the material used would have to be durable enough to deal with rough, battering coastal weather.

Trust is implicit when dealing with the awesome professionals at Topfence.  This is a team dedicated to service delivery second to none, with a trusted reputation for completing projects on time and in great style!

Why the emphasis on trust and reputation? Well, it’s your perimeter security that’s at stake, and Topfence takes that security very seriously!

You may think that having quality perimeter security like this is going to break the bank; it won’t!

Investing in quality is never a waste of money, and when it comes to security in a country that has over-the-top crime rates, an investment in the best perimeter security will be cheap in comparison to the damage criminals can wreak on your family, home or business!

The team at Topfence will sit down with you to work out the very best fencing solution to suit your budget, based on their belief that nothing should stand in the way of securing your family and property.

In fact, they are more than happy to give you pretty solid information about the costs you may be looking at before you even request a quote, so that you can do the juggling of numbers that’ll work for you!

When you do decide to invest in Topfence palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing, you’ll be investing in fencing that’ll last season after season for years to come, without having to fork out a fortune every year to maintain the fence.

If dealing with a highly professional but friendly full-service fencing contractor in Cape Town is right up your alley, make sure you start your search for the best by contacting Topfence today with all your questions!

Consider the link between unemployment & high crime rates & then choose the best perimeter security

Perimeter security is all that stands between the pavement of your property and the front door, and it’s this perimeter security that acts as the first line of defence for your family, assets and property.

This level of perimeter security applies to all properties, whether residential or commercial, and it should be an uncompromising decision that backs up just how serious you are about security.

When we speak of overwhelming loss, we aren’t just referring to the valuables you keep in the safe at home or in the office, we are also thinking about violent crime that takes place in broad daylight when someone is at home, whether it’s a child, parent or employee.

When criminals are intent on carrying out their nefarious actions, they really don’t care who gets in their way. As long as the property is an easy target in terms of access, it’ll be considered easy pickings.

There is undoubtedly a direct correlation between unemployment and the growing crime rates in South Africa, which has led to an awareness of how dangerous it is to have perimeter security that isn’t up to scratch as a tamper-proof crime deterrent.

A fence that’s easy to climb or cut won’t help, nor will a high wall.  Once a criminal gains entry over the wall, he has free reign to do as he pleases, without anyone being able to see into the property.

In addition to this, most criminals are clued into private security and police service response times, they make it their business to know!

The more the economy slides down, the more poverty rises, and on its heels, so too do the crime statistics.

While the majority of perpetrators are career criminals, the saddest statistic of all is that of ordinary mothers, fathers and children who turn to criminal activities just to put food on the table!

This is not in any way a justification for any type of crime, it’s simply the way it is, and with little light on the horizon in the near future, it’s only natural that our safety and security becomes our number one priority.

While you are debating about the type of perimeter security you’d choose as quality protection for home and business, here are a few numbers sourced from Stats SA’s quarterly labour force survey that will make you take the security of your property very seriously:

Unemployment in general

9.6 Million South Africans are unemployed, bringing the unemployment rate to almost 28%, the highest it’s been in the last 10 years

Unemployed youth

In the second quarter of 2018, Stats SA reported that 6.1 million of our youth is unemployed, a whopping 38.8%!

Job losses in 2018

90 000! This in just one year?  Worse, it’s the manufacturing industry that’s hardest hit in terms of laying off employees.

Before we go any further it’s important to note that high crime levels and unemployment statistics are not limited to our country alone, both are also worldwide crises.

Is high tech security gadgetry enough on its own?

With crime statistics and unemployment rates being this high, it’s not surprising safety and security has morphed into state of the art high tech crime prevention.

Despite all the high tech security gadgetry available today, it will only be as good, and work as effectively as it should, with the right kind of perimeter security!

A high wall unfortunately still has dark corners out of view of a CCTV camera, which is well known by criminals, who then use these dark corners as cover while gaining entry to your property.

If you want your other security measures such as CCTV to work as effectively as it should, then palisade fencing is the best option.

Palisade fencing allows for a clear view in and out of the property, which in itself is a great crime deterrent!  If gaining access to your property looks like too much hard work, criminals will move on to softer targets.

They want the easy way out of everything, after all!

Give the team at Topfence a call and let them give you the facts you’ll need with which to make an informed decision about what would constitute the toughest perimeter security for your property!

Having been in the industry as market leaders since 2008, there’s no doubt that you’ll find the perfect solution for perimeter security from Topfence.

Style & security come together when Topfence protects your property with stylish palisade fencing.

The words style and security only come together when you choose Topfence Palisade Fencing as your perimeter security.  This team of fencing contractors have taken fencing and turned it into an art form, designing and manufacturing a unique palisade fencing system designed for the coastal region around Cape Town specifically.

Why for Cape Town specifically?

Every component used in the manufacture of this unique system of palisade fencing is designed to withstand the damage salty coastal air can cause steel.  This is why Topfence produces palisade fencing that is made up entirely from galvanised steel, from the nuts and bolts to the palisade pale and the unique sandwiched fixtures holding the fence together.

Tailor made or modular design?

Topfence palisade fencing can be designed to follow the contours of any site, or can be installed as a modular system, giving you the option of choosing the design that best suits your site, whether residential or commercial.

Who uses Topfence palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing?

In terms of rigid mesh fencing, also manufactured using galvanised steel components, factories, schools, industrial parks, recreational parks, parking garages, hospitals and shopping centres are among the major types of properties that choose to use rigid mesh fencing as a crime deterrent.

Palisade fencing is a very elegant and stylish yet durable addition to any home, security complex or security town house, in fact, wherever anyone chooses palisade fencing instead of wire mesh, the same level of security and attractiveness will be on display.

Resale value added along with curb appeal

The first thing anyone sees when pulling up or passing your home is its exterior. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the inside is, if you want the inside to reflect on the outside, then you can do no better than to add attractive curb appeal with palisade fencing.

There is also the point that today people are more interested in buying a home that has palisade fencing as its security instead of a high wall.

This is because research has revealed that high walls provide more protection for criminals once they gain access, where with palisade fencing they are unable to climb or hide behind as they’ll be in full view of passers-by and security patrols.

Site specifications determine design

Topfence uses the latest in technology to produce palisade fencing that is manufactured individually according to meticulous measurements, which are taken during an on-site survey right at the beginning of the process of investing in fencing provided by this expert team.

These site specifications will determine the design of the fence, but with the free assistance of the team you’ll be able to determine the style and look you’d like to achieve for your property, right from the drawing board.

Add pedestrian and vehicle gates

Topfence does not stop at fencing alone, they also offer the same unique quality that is their signature where it comes to pedestrian and vehicle gates.

Rounding off the perimeter of your property with swing gates, sliding gates and vehicle swing gates manufactured by Topfence is the perfect finishing touch for any property sporting new fencing.

As the first barrier for crime prevention, you cannot get better than what Topfence produces in and around Cape Town.  Find out more by contacting this team to gain a clearer insight about the best form of perimeter security for your property.