Choose Perimeter Security That Really Works

Having opened their doors in 2008, the team of experts at Topfence in Cape Town has consistently maintained a place as market leaders in terms of fencing solutions specifically designed for coastal areas, remaining at the top in their industry as a result of an unwavering commitment to a high standard of service excellence.

It is this level of service excellence that lies behind the manufacture of high-quality palisade fencing which has fast gained popularity as perimeter security that really works, keeping criminals at bay in an era of increasing crime.

When this team says that their palisade fencing is tamperproof, you can have every confidence in the fact that it lives up to the reputation, earned throughout the years by satisfied customers.

Topfence may have started out in Durbanville, slap bang in the middle of the northern suburbs of Cape Town, but they’ve grown to cover anywhere from Bishopscourt to Blouberg Strand, from Clifton to Hout Bay and all the way out to Kleinmond.

This means that no matter where you are in the Western Cape, you’ll have access to the expertise and professionalism of the Topfence team at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for a fencing expert that’ll speak to you in down to earth language, this is where you’ll find them.  There’ll be no technical speak that’s designed to confuse you and keep you locked out of exactly what’s happening from start to finish.

Topfence is about hearing exactly what it is you need and then taking you step by step through the process that’ll take you to the installation of a palisade fencing system designed to meet your individual requirements.

This is not mass-produced fencing, nor is it a DIY product! Each component is manufactured according to your individual specifications, giving you a say in everything that’ll go into producing a tailor-made fence.

From the outset, the team at Topfence understood that any fencing system in and around Cape Town would need to be tougher than in any other region, able to withstand the challenges of salt-laden air, broiling summers and stormy winters.

In answer to these challenges, they set about designing and manufacturing galvanised steel fencing that would stand the test of time and give customers true value for money.

Quality and affordability is the bottom line at Topfence. They’ve achieved this by manufacturing their own components, as well as sourcing as much material as possible from local suppliers in the Western Cape.

Using the latest technology is yet another level of cutting down the cost to the customer, so that every property owner, whether residential, commercial or industrial, has access to competitively priced fencing.

If you’re looking for cheap palisade fencing, you’re going to be paying out a large chunk of money every season in repairs and other maintenance to keep the fencing in good condition, so, if what you’re looking at in terms of fencing costs seems too good to be true, it is!

The unique Topfence palisade fencing system offers the complete opposite. Your initial investment is safe and the fencing keeps it so year after year, without the further expenditure of high maintenance costs.

Let the guys at Topfence know exactly what you expect from your investment in palisade fencing and prepare yourself for dealing with a friendly, down to earth team ready to make every step towards the final installation of a quality fence completely hassle-free!


5 Simple steps to superior quality palisade fencing in the Western Cape

You’d be hard put to find any fencing contractor that’ll make it easier for you to get going on palisade fencing than Topfence.

They’re masters at giving customers in search of superior quality palisade fencing a completely hassle-free route to owning the best perimeter security in the Western Cape.

The hardest part for you is while you’re counting up what your budget will allow, and they understand this well, which is why they’re more than happy to chat to you about fencing costs before you finalise the financial end and sign on the dotted line.

Competitive pricing is a given at Topfence, which is mainly because they manufacture their unique palisade fencing system and wire mesh fencing themselves, using high quality local material in the process.

Local is always lekker, especially when it comes to something as important as having perimeter security you can rely on to last for many years!

There is a big difference between the affordable palisade fencing on offer from Topfence and the cheaper options on the market, which is that nothing withstands the salty air around the coast like this galvanised steel can and will.

Here are the 5 steps you’ll take to superior quality palisade fencing in the Western Cape

Step 1

Topfence makes it easy for you to get the ball rolling towards a free quotation by making available a simple, easy to use online quote request form, nothing complicated about it!

Naturally you can email or give the team a call, but no matter how you contact them, before you know it you’ll be showing a Topfence representative around your property so that he can take meticulous measurements on site…free of charge.

Step 2

The measurements taken on site now serve as the basis for the free quotation you’ll receive post haste. This is a team that won’t waste any of your time, from the beginning to end of the project.

You won’t have to keep after anyone at Topfence to keep them moving on your fencing, they’ll keep you informed of progress on the manufacture of your fencing, as well as keep you fully in the loop when it comes to installation time.

It should be mentioned here that Topfence offers affordable palisade fencing that can fit virtually any given budget, making it easier for all South Africans to have the best in perimeter security.

Step 3

This is where the fun begins! This experienced team of fencing specialists will help you through the drawing up of plans for your fence, giving you the benefit of their knowledge in assisting you to plan an attractive fence that’ll up the value of your property, from a monetary and aesthetic point of view.

This service is free, of course. After all, this is Topfence we’re talking about!

Step 4

Manufacture begins here. Your fence will be manufactured individually to make sure that it meets site specifications and your tailor made design. This is done using only SABS approved quality materials, most of which are produced by local suppliers in the Western Cape.

Step 5

…and finally…the installation! No one does it better than the approved Topfence installers. They have to know what they’re doing to fulfil the commitment that Topfence makes with regard to offering the highest standard of workmanship on every fence that bears their stamp of approval.

There you have it! All that’s left now is for you to give this friendly team of experts a call to start the process towards having perimeter security that stands the test of time…and the pressures brought to bear by Mother Nature!


This Is Your One Stop Fencing Solutions Company In Cape Town

Why go from one contractor to another to handle different stages of your fencing installation when you can do it all, start to finish, with one very experienced, professional fencing solutions company?

Deciding to invest in palisade fencing isn’t a cheap decision to make, it’s a big step and you no doubt want to be certain that you’re putting your hard-earned cash into the right hands, to get the returns you deserve.

This is why Topfence has tailored the entire experience for customers, taking them from quote to manufacture to installation, without missing a step.

As an experienced team that’s been in the industry since 2008, you can look forward to dealing with people who are down to earth, easy to chat to and to work with, once the project moves from the drawing board to the Topfence manufacturing plant.

Topfence palisade fencing is by no means a DIY product, it’s a one-of-a-kind unique quality of fencing, and each part is manufactured individually to offer you fencing tailored to suit your requirements and taste.

If you want to make sure that your property isn’t considered a soft target by criminals, your best option for perimeter security is palisade fencing, not the high walls that have been the norm before they started giving criminals free rein once they get over the wall.

What makes palisade fencing the best choice for perimeter security?

The Topfence way is to:

  • Manufacture palisade fencing that’s tamperproof, so that cutting the fence isn’t possible nor is tampering with the nuts.
  • Help you to ensure that your palisade fencing choice is going to make it nigh on impossible for anyone to climb. They’ll show you how to do this most effectively by working with you to determine the spaces between the palisade pales as well as planning the ‘ouch’ factor when it comes to the spikes you choose.
  • This team ensures that through their design and experience, you won’t be left with a fence that that sags after the first heavy winter, or the first summer that ushers in the Black South Easter wind!
  • Galvanise all components that go into making this fencing able to withstand the coastal air, especially since rust loves the coast and will creep in anywhere that isn’t protected by galvanised steel.
  • Offer palisade fencing that will last year after year and still look good, without making you fork out a fortune in maintenance costs every time the wind blows too hard or the rain gives it a good pounding. Cheap palisade fencing is going to cost you more and more in maintenance costs over time, making it well worth your while to invest wisely in the right fencing.

If this is the type of investment you’re looking for in perimeter security, Topfence will do it all for you.

They’ll do free, meticulous on-site measurements followed by a no-strings-attached quotation, and, if you decide to sign on the dotted line, they’ll help you with drawing up plans for your individually tailored palisade fence and take you from manufacture to installation, without missing a beat or making you wait forever for action!




12 Questions To Ask A Palisade Fencing Contractor Before Signing On The Dotted Line

Top-quality perimeter security isn’t a luxury today, it’s an absolute necessity, but before you consider where you’ll make your investment to get the best returns possible, you’ll need to know more about the fencing contractor you’re planning on working with.

A bad investment in palisade fencing is going to cost you a lot more in the long run than placing your investment in quality that will give you great returns for many years to come.

Here’s what you need to know about a fencing contractor before you sign on the dotted line:

  1. Will the company be able to give you references from clients that have been satisfied with many years’ worth of quality, durable fencing?
  2. Does the company manufacture its own fencing?
  3. How long have they been in the industry?
  4. What choices do you have with regard to whether the fencing will follow the contours of your property or be of modular design?
  5. Will they be open to discussing prices with you before you ask for a quote? If they’re cagey about this, give them a miss!
  6. How does the company go about doing on-site measurements and will they charge a fee for this? The right answer is that it should be a free service.
  7. How quickly will the company get back to you with a quote designed to suit your budget?
  8. What kind of assistance will they give you to draw up plans for the fencing?
  9. Will they take your personal preferences into account when tailoring the fence to your requirements?
  10. Do they have professionals who are trained to ensure the quality of workmanship is of the highest standard on installation?
  11. What kind of warranties are offered?
  12. Will the steel that’s used in the manufacture of the fencing be of the type of quality to withstand the coastal air and the rust it brings?

Having been established in 2008, and as market leaders in the palisade fencing industry, Topfence endorses the importance of asking fencing contractors these questions.

On average, most people planning to make such important investment will want at least 3 quotes before they take the next steps, and making Topfence the first stop is going to show what the benchmark of excellence should be for the remainder of the quotes to be collected.

This team of professionals has made protecting families and properties their mission for as long as they’ve been in the industry, which means that you can rely on them to give honest answers to all the questions you may need answering.

If it’s recommendations you’re looking for, there are more than enough satisfied Topfence customers to give you the confidence you need to take the next step in the decision-making process.

Topfence customers will tell you that this is an awesome team to work with and that over and above their professionalism, their friendliness and attention to detail really does make it a pleasure to have this team in charge of your perimeter security.

Contact Topfence today for a free on-site visit to take measurements and a free quotation, without any strings attached. You’re also welcome to chat to them about prices before anything else so that you’ll be able to tailor your budget to suit exactly what you need.

In the final analysis, you’ll end up with the highest quality in palisade fencing, designed by Capetonians for Capetonians, to add excellent aesthetic appeal your property, and to add superb resale value to your property as well.


How To Keep Your Property Safe Increase Its Value And Improve Curb Appeal

We all know that installing solar panels, solar water heating systems and other energy-wise systems will increase the value of your property, but, it’s seldom recognised that palisade fencing adds tremendous value to the property.

Crime levels in the Western Cape show no sign of decreasing. On top of that, crime has taken on a far more violent aspect than we’ve ever had to deal with in our quiet little spot near the sea.

This has led to an ever-increasing demand for the highest level of security for homes and business properties, and this starts with the first line of defence, the perimeter of your property.

No matter how good your CCTV coverage is, if you have high walls there will always be a blind spot to be taken advantage of. Even with the best of alarms, once the perimeter has been breached there is any manner of ways in which criminals can force homeowners to shut them down and turn away any armed response.

Palisade fencing of today is designed to deter crime, to make sure that it looks like too much work (and probably too much pain) to consider trying to climb, which sends any would-be criminal on to softer targets that don’t come with the same risks.

Buyers in the market today are looking for a home already well-secured, and palisade fencing is generally their first choice of perimeter security, especially when they know that CCTV is far more effective with palisade fencing than with a high wall.

So, where does the curb appeal come into it?

Topfence Palisade Fencing is designed and manufactured to suit the preferences of individual customers, not as a boring, standard fence that doesn’t do much for the property other than protecting it.

By choosing the right style and colour of palisade fencing you can extend the work you’ve done to make the façade of your home attractive, making it an aesthetically appealing addition to your property, upping its curb appeal to where you deserve it to be.

And increasing the property value?

As discussed above, people in the market for buying a property will choose a property that already has quality palisade fencing in place as the first crime barrier rather than not.

The emphasis though is on the quality of the fencing. This is where Topfence takes first place with their unique palisade fencing system designed by a team that’s been protecting families and properties since 2008.

Every palisade fence is manufactured according to the individual requirements of a customer, using galvanised steel throughout, from nuts and bolts to the pales, which makes it the best palisade fencing for the Western Cape.

This results in palisade fencing that can’t be cut, climbed or tampered with, nor does it give any criminal a hiding spot, should he make it over the fence without impaling himself on it!

Topfence palisade fencing is made to last and to be maintenance-free, making it an all-round excellent investment in the aesthetic appeal and value of your property.

Contact the friendly team at Topfence today to find out more about how they can make your perimeter security the most attractive on your block!



10 Reasons To Trust The Quality Of Topfence Palisade Fencing

There’s no doubt about it, Topfence was born in 2008 out of a passion to protect families and properties from ever-increasing crime levels in the Western Cape, and that same passion still drives the team to maintain an unwavering commitment to superb quality in safety.

These guys put their heads together to design a unique palisade fencing system that would be tough enough to withstand many years’ worth of brutal winters and broiling summers and still look good.

The result is that Topfence has gone from strength to strength through the years, becoming a top fencing contractor in Cape Town and surrounds, growing mainly out of recommendations from clients, which is a real feather in the cap of any long-standing company.

They also wanted to be able to offer affordable palisade fencing to locals, which is what they’ve achieved by manufacturing their own fencing using SABS approved materials sourced mainly from Cape suppliers.

It’s not always an easy balance to offer durability and quality at affordable prices, but Topfence has proven, over and over again that affordable does not mean cheap!

The decision to install palisade fencing isn’t one to be taken lightly. It should be a one-off excellent ROI, and not end up costing you more than your initial investment because the fencing you’ve chosen (the one that seemed so cheap!) needs major maintenance to keep it standing!

So, here are 10 reasons you can trust Topfence quality implicitly as a great investment:

  1. Individually manufactured components

Topfence will manufacture all the components of your fence individually. They are not dragged out of some warehouse and slapped together on installation!

  1. Galvanised steel components

Every component that goes into the making of your palisade fence is made using galvanised steel, specifically designed to withstand the forces of nature around the coast.

  1. Stylish security

Every Topfence installation is proof that durability and toughness do go hand in hand with style. Choose a colour that suits the detail of the exterior of your home or business and make it an attractive extension that offers the best in perimeter security.

  1. Tamperproof design

This is palisade fencing designed to be tamperproof. No one is going to be able to cut the fence or in any way tamper with the special security shear nut fasteners or the unique Topfence sandwiched fixers.

  1. Unique bent horizontal section

This component is what ensures that your palisade fence will never sag, and you can take that to the bank!

  1. Roll-formed palisade pale

Yet another unique aspect of this quality palisade fencing. This roll formed palisade pale has a stiffened rib, which makes it the strongest system available in the Cape.

  1. Uniquely CCTV compatible

Because of the transparency of palisade fencing, CCTV surveillance is of a higher standard and quality.

  1. Maintenance-free

You won’t be spending any money on maintenance if you’ve installed Topfence quality. You can sit back in confidence and watch the years roll by without having to replace a thing on your palisade fence!

  1. Increased property value

Install a Topfence Palisade Fence and you’ll be sitting pretty on one of the best investments you could make in securing your property, which is a sure way of upping the value should you plan to sell.

  1. Warranties

Topfence is always going to be around, as they have been for so long already, which means that when they offer you warranties against defective workmanship and materials, they’re ready and willing to put their money where their mouth is to follow through!

Contact Topfence today to find out more about prices, or to request a free, no-obligation quotation, you’ll find you’re dealing with the friendliest team of professionals in Cape Town on the way to great perimeter security!

Rising unemployment statistics & soaring crime make perimeter security a priority like never before

Standing at 29% for 2019 thus far, unemployment statistics are set to soar overnight as COVID-19 cripples the already embattled South African economy.

With businesses forced to close their doors, it is expected that growth will contract by around 1.5% during the first three months as the virus looms over our country.

It’s a stark reality that we’ve woken up to, but the ramifications are being felt immediately, and not only in the tragedy facing our population of 57 million people and the potential loss of life.

If China, who is the biggest importer of iron, manganese and chromium ores has had to announce a 1% decline in their growth, our mining sector will be severely impacted as it comes to a paralysing standstill.

Tourism, our second main source of income, has disappeared overnight, and, in the wake of just these two sectors collapsing, unemployment will be in figures never before experienced in this country, or worldwide.

Aside from the fact that there are just downright criminal minds and types in our world, we’ve also all known for a long time, that high unemployment rates account for a large percentage of crime, and, as things stand now, protecting our families and properties is going to be of the highest priority in South Africa.

The worst of this is that crime has become even more violent than ever before in terms of home invasions, so, it’s time to make sure that our lives and homes are protected by the right kind of security measures.

The perimeter security you choose is all that protects your property from the pavement in, making it essential that you make decisions based on solid information and guidance before you settle on your crime barrier.

The point is:

If you’re going to choose well, you need to weigh what criminologists say about the fact that high walls don’t keep crime out, but rather give criminals free range once they’ve scaled the wall, with no one any the wiser.

A fence that can be cut won’t do either, nor will one that can easily be climbed, so…

What you need is:

A fence that’s tamperproof, that can’t be climbed or cut. It needs to give a criminal no room to shelter from security patrols or from passers-by, who could alert the police to any suspicious activity timeously.

Only a palisade fence can meet these standards, and it needs to be of the highest quality to present the strongest possible defence against crime.

Bear in mind too that criminals also watch and study your movements, and they make sure they know what kind of response times they’re up against with police.

They also keep fully updated with the latest security systems, which means that they’re sophisticated enough to get around them. CCTV is highly effective with a palisade fence, as there is a clear line of site inside and outside the property, leaving no corners criminals can use to get into a property.

Where you’ll find the strongest palisade fencing in Cape Town:

After protecting families and properties since 2008, Topfence, as the market leader in fencing solutions, designs and manufactures palisade fencing that ticks all the boxes you need checked.

This unique fencing system is tamperproof, can’t be cut or climbed, and is manufactured to last from season to season and year to year without losing any of its strength, or its attractiveness.

If you’re planning to secure your family as soon as the national lockdown ends, invest in the best there is and contact the team at Topfence.

Despite closures, there will still be someone available to answer any of your questions honestly and professionally.

Please keep safe.



Take your security seriously, starting at the perimeter of your property

Really good security at your home or business starts from the outside in, because once someone gets onto your property, there are ways for the most determined and organised criminal to gain access to the actual building.

No matter how sophisticated security systems get, criminals go to great lengths to keep up with the latest developments, so that they are not denied their booty.

If they’re able to ambush you from inside your property, either as you come home or leave, they’ll use the opportunity to get you to turn off alarms and to lead them to what they want, which is why the perimeter security you have around the property has to be the best!

Having watched crime statistics soar in the Western Cape since they opened their doors in 2008, the team at Topfence has put considerable knowledge and experience together to develop a completely unique palisade fencing system that serves as first level security of unbeatable strength.

While a high wall may look imposing enough to keep criminals out, it’s simply an invitation to anyone determined and organised enough to scale, and then to go about their business without being observed.

A security patrol can’t climb the wall if an alarm is sounded, and most alarms switch off after a limited amount of time anyway, time in which security personnel stand outside, uncertain whether the alarm is triggered by something other than an intruder or not, and the intruder simply goes about his business, only to emerge once the patrol is gone.

We’ve become so used to alarms going off that they’re hardly noticed. Everyone that may be a bit inconvenienced by the noise simply waits it out until it cuts off on its own, which defeats the purpose.

Start with quality palisade fencing as a crime barrier, and you’ll soon find that criminals will start looking elsewhere for property easier to gain entry to, without putting themselves in danger of bodily harm.

Having worked hard to become market leaders in the fencing industry in the Western Cape, Topfence continues to dominate with a unique fencing system that’s designed specifically with the Cape Town coastal air.

Topfence palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing is designed to last, and to do so in style. Starting from the inside out, only the best in raw materials are used in the manufacture of this tough galvanised steel fencing, hence the SABS stamp of approval attached to Topfence products.

Next up is the fact the system is held together by security shear nut fasteners and uniquely designed sandwiched fixers, to make the palisade fencing completely tamperproof.

You won’t be faced with a fence that sags after one brutal Cape winter, because this team has designed a special bended horizontal section that will keep your fence standing tall, year after year.

A roll formed palisade pale designed to scare off the most intrepid intruder has an especially stiffened rib thrown into the bargain, to make sure you have the peace of mind that yours is the strongest palisade fence in Cape Town!

So, if they can’t climb it, can’t tamper with it and can’t hide behind it, you have to know that once Topfence has installed your brand new crime barrier, no one will consider it worth the effort to get onto your property.

If this sounds like the kind of crime barrier you want as the first level of security on your property, contact the friendly team at Topfence. They make it really easy for you to plan your budget around their competitive prices, which serves to make theirs the most affordable fencing solutions in Cape Town!

Topfence – making quality palisade fencing affordable for Cape Town

Any which way you look at it, good palisade fencing isn’t cheap, and the awesome team at Topfence understand fully that it’s not a decision you can take lightly, especially not in the current very tough economic climate.

This is why they go all out to ensure that their clients not only end up with the strongest, most durable fencing around, they also go the distance to manufacture fencing that, despite being high quality, is accessible for the average family.

This is, to a large extent, because this team goes to bat to source the best quality in raw materials from suppliers in the Western Cape, cutting down on transport costs, while at the same time doing their bit to stimulate the local economy.

Topfence goes a long way towards assisting customers to plan their budget, once they’ve decided that palisade fencing is the number one crime barrier today, which it is, according to criminologists.

In the first place, you are always welcome to speak to these friendly experts about the costs involved before you go any further, and then, there’s the fact that they make it easy for you to get an obligation-free quote completely hassle-free.

This quote comes about as a result of a free on-site inspection by a Topfence representative, who will take precise measurements and advise you on what would best suit your purposes, property and purse.

Topfence believes that by breaking down walls and opening up properties, communities are better equipped to work together to protect families and homes, with the back-up of attractive looking but tough palisade fencing.

Affordability doesn’t stop at the materials used in the manufacture of this unique barrier fencing at all.  There’s the fact that you won’t be shelling out more money, year after year, on a fence that continues to beg for expensive maintenance after every broiling summer and brutal winter.

Topfence palisade fencing is designed to last, so that years after the installation, your fence will look as good as it did the day it was installed!

No doubt you can find cheaper fencing in terms of what it’ll cost you initially, but that same cheap fencing will demand more and more money in maintenance, whereas your initial outlay for Topfence palisade fencing may be higher, but that’s where it ends, and you’ll have invested in a product that will keep paying dividends well into the future.

The nuts and bolts, palisade pales and stiffened rib are all unique to the Topfence design, and, because each fence is manufactured to site specifications, your fence will be tailored and manufactured according to your individual design at the drawing board.

Bottom line, when you invest in palisade fencing manufactured by Topfence, you’re investing in your safety and that of your family, as well as adding excellent resale value and aesthetic appeal to your property, so it’s about more than the strongest crime barrier around!

Contact Topfence today to turn the perimeter security protecting your home and business into an attractive investment that can’t be beaten for quality or style!


Turn your home into a hard target for criminals with Topfence

As market leaders in the fencing industry, the team at Topfence have invested over ten years into retaining this position, by designing and manufacturing palisade fencing in Cape Town, ensuring that their fencing is able to withstand the coastal air in the region.

Although this team started out by protecting homes and commercial properties in Durbanville, Northern Suburbs, they have grown to such an extent that their customers are spread right across the Western Cape today.

Despite growing exponentially over the years, Topfence has never wavered in its commitment to excellence, whether in their products, workmanship or customer service.

The name Topfence is synonymous with durability and style, with this unique palisade fencing coming in as the strongest fencing on the market in the region.

Here’s what this go-to fencing contractor in Cape Town has to offer for real perimeter security:

Super strong, durable and stylish

Topfence is the one palisade fencing company that can rightly boast that their palisade fencing is a unique combination of sheer strength, durability and stylishness to boot.

They’ve made a name for themselves by introducing customers to fencing that is tailor made to their specifications, which includes assisting customers to draw up plans for the palisade fencing that will be made individually according to these specs.

Your fencing can become an attractive extension of your home, picking up details of the exterior of your home and carrying it through to the fence, as in the 2 examples below.





Why choose Topfence quality palisade fencing?

It’s tamperproof!

Even the nuts and bolts are unique and can’t be tampered with, nor can this fencing be cut.

It can’t be climbed

You get to decide on how painful the spikes on the fence will be to anyone even attempting to climb this palisade fencing, and the idea is to make it look so intimidating and painful, that criminals will look elsewhere to carry out their nefarious activities!

It can’t be hidden behind

Walls give criminals room to move without being observed, palisade fencing doesn’t, even if the one in a million actually makes it over the nasty top!

It won’t sag

Topfence has manufactured this tough palisade fencing using galvanised steel, making it ideal fencing for the coastal region, and, to make sure it won’t sag, they’ve designed a unique bended horizontal section to keep it standing straight well into the future.

It’s the strongest fencing system around

How? This team put their thinking caps on and designed a roll formed palisade pale that has a stiffened rib which makes customers, and the Topfence guys, confident that theirs is the strongest palisade fencing system around!

Add electric fencing for good measure

Electric fencing on top of your palisade fencing is the ultimate in perimeter security, and it’s worth chatting to the guys from Topfence to make sure yours will be of the very best quality.

Contact Topfence for a quote today!

You may not be in the market right now to invest in palisade fencing, but, it won’t hurt to call this expert and very friendly team to find out more about prices, in readiness for the time you need a fencing solutions company you can rely on to turn your home into a hard target for criminals.