Be wise in your choice of security fencing to protect your commercial property!

No doubt about it, today it takes more than a security guard on duty at the gate to your business to keep trouble at bay, what you’d need in conjunction with that is a crime barrier made up of tamper-proof fencing to keep what you value in, and keep criminals out!

The continuing growth of security measures in terms of technology doesn’t mean you’re covered against crime, because as security measures become more sophisticated, so do the criminals who make a study of beating virtually any high tech security measures you’ve installed.

While every business is different in terms of whether it’s a manufacturing plant, a warehouse containing expensive items for export, or, perhaps yours is a research and development business, where patents and secrets about new products need to be well protected.

Tough perimeter security fencing is an absolute must if your commercial or industrial property keeps strict control over who may or may not enter the property, maintaining tough access control in order to protect your business from criminals who are hired to carry out corporate espionage.

Topfence Palisade Fencing & Rigid Mesh Fencing meeting different control measures:

Industrial uses for Rigid Mesh Fencing

In many instances, rigid mesh fencing from Topfence is the perfect solution as an effective crime barrier, especially when it comes to protecting your commercial or industrial premises. This fencing is virtually impossible to climb, due to the fact that a criminal can’t get a foothold in the fence to boost his way over it.

Rigid mesh fencing is also an excellent choice for schools, keeping children safely on school grounds and keeping criminal elements out! Public parks, churches, clinics, shopping malls and more, benefit greatly by choosing rigid mesh fencing for protection and security.

Topfence Palisade Fencing

Today the trend for securing your property, whether residential or commercial, has swung from high walls to quality palisade fencing that can’t be tampered with. Topfence Palisade Fencing is a tough nut to crack for criminals, and, it’s one of the most stylish and attractive options for any homeowner wanting to add curb appeal and aesthetic value to a property.

Palisade fencing is also a popular choice for security complexes and business parks, which, with a security guard at the only entrance, gives you the ultimate in multi-layered perimeter security!

The unique Topfence Palisade Fencing solution is so attractive that it easily becomes more than mere perimeter fencing.  With a variety of colours available and rather painful spikes added on top of the palisade pale, your perimeter fencing becomes a stylish addition to your property.

Thinking in or out of the box?

Having been in the fencing industry since 2008, Topfence designs and manufactures palisade fencing that can conform to a standard design according to your taste.

This palisade fencing can also be taken completely out of the box, to design and manufacture a completely unique, tailor-made palisade fence that suits you and your site to perfection!

Contact the friendly team at Topfence today to discuss the options open to you in terms of making an excellent investment in your security and in long-term toughness for a fantastic return on investment!

What makes one fencing contractor in Cape Town stand out from the rest?

Sifting the wheat from the chaff on your search for a fencing contractor in Cape Town that won’t promise you the moon and stars, and then, leave you empty handed with a fence that starts falling apart after one stormy winter or scorching summer!

Choosing to install palisade fencing isn’t a snap decision, after all, the security of your family, home and business is worth protecting, which means it’s worth making an investment in the right palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing that’ll last long after your initial outlay.

Crime statistics aren’t going down, and, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, are likely to rise to ever-greater heights, and, the fact that home invasions are becoming more and more violent, should give anyone pause when it comes to choosing the best in perimeter fencing.

What you should be looking for is a team of fencing contractors such as those at Topfence, a team that’s committed to professionalism, superb workmanship and a commitment to excellence that has continued consistently since they first opened their doors in 2008!

As a leader in the market as fencing contractors in Cape Town, Topfence has earned and holds tightly to the reputation they’ve earned through the excellence of their unique palisade fencing system, designed, manufactured and installed locally.

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to choosing Topfence as your fencing contractor in Cape Town, a team that respects the time you’ve put in to find the right fencing contractor for your project, and then providing you with outstanding service delivery that you can rely on 100%!

The team at Topfence responds immediately to any request for on-site measurements, followed swiftly by a quotation tailored to meet with your budget, and, when you sign on the dotted line, you’ll find this team equally involved in assisting you at the drawing board to design your tailor-made palisade fence!

Best of all, each of these services are free of charge and no one is going to put pressure on you to move forward with your fence!

These guys are consummate professionals that know their industry intimately; especially when it comes to making sure that your Topfence Palisade Fence has been designed and manufactured to withstand the coastal climate around the Western Cape!

The bottom line is this when you work with Topfence; your carefully drawn plans will be sent off to their manufacturing plant, where nothing but the best in SABS approved materials are used to manufacture your galvanised steel fence individually!

Contact the team at Topfence if working with one team from start to finish is right up your alley, you’ll find that you’ll be working with a down to earth team that really cares about your security!

Chose affordable high quality palisade fencing that won’t need maintenance!

Once you’ve made up your mind to go with affordable yet quality palisade fencing as your best choice for perimeter security, you’ll definitely be making an investment for the long term that’ll bring you fantastic returns on your investment.

Choosing your fencing contractor also needs to be done with care. The last thing you want is to end up with an untidy installation that’ll barely survive one vicious winter in Cape Town!

Living in Cape Town and surrounds also needs to be weighed carefully, so that you’ll ultimately choose a fencing contractor that understands the effects of the coastal climate on fencing.

This is how you go about interviewing fencing contractors in Cape Town:

A question of price!

Since you’re already here on the Topfence website, you’ll find that, if anything, this team is more than willing to share information about prices and sizes without putting heavy pressure on you!  This is a team of craftsmen that will do all they can to provide you with the best in fencing solutions that will line up with your budget and site requirements.

Length of time in the industry

It’s essential that you find a fencing company that has been around for many years, because if there’s one way to gauge the quality of the end product, it’s to know that you’ll be dealing with a stable, trusted company.

Ask for references!

There’s nothing quite as powerful an advertising medium as happy clients that are more than willing to recommend their fencing contractor without hesitation!  Ask the team at Topfence and they’ll be more than happy to share these recommendations with you!

Check out online portfolios of previous projects!

It’s really worth your time either to ask for photos of fencing installations, and the Topfence website has more than just a few of their projects in their online portfolio, however, should you want even more than this, simply ask the guys and they’ll jump to it!

Honesty and transparency is the bottom line for the team at Topfence, which should give you the confidence to place your investment for perimeter security safely in the hands of this trusted team.

You may also chose either a modular fencing solution, or one that follows the contours of your property, but this is something you can discuss with the Topfence representative when he arrives to take free on-site measurements.

Perimeter security fencing such as Topfence palisade fencing has been designed specifically for this coastal region, using nothing less than the highest quality SABS approved materials in the manufacture of their tough, stylish palisade fencing.

As a market leader in the fencing industry in the Western Cape, Topfence designs and manufactures their own unique palisade fencing system locally, to meet local conditions.

In addition to this, Topfence also manufactures pedestrian and vehicle gates to give a stunningly stylish effect, from fence to gates!

Largely as a result of the hard work these local experts have put into designing and manufacturing tough, stylish fencing, you can be absolutely confident that you’ll be investing in a palisade fencing system that will never let you down!

Contact Topfence today to find out more about what makes their competitively priced, unique palisade fencing the toughest crime barrier in the Western Cape!

Don’t settle for anything less than the very best in palisade fencing in the Western Cape!

Investing in quality palisade fencing that will outlast the seasons and salt air of the Cape isn’t a financial decision entered into lightly. However, if you’re serious about the safety and security of your family and property, it’s worth speaking to the team at Topfence to get the assistance you may need to juggle the numbers enough to make it possible to install the best in security fencing.

We live in an age where we have to educate our children from a very young age to protect themselves by not talking to strangers, relegated to playing behind fences and walls that even then aren’t going to keep them safe, depending on what you’ve chosen as perimeter security.

High walls aren’t safe, determined criminals will get over any wall if they choose to, in which case your family is in even more danger because these criminals are then free to go about their business unobserved from the street.

Safety and security experts looking at the exceptional increase in home invasions have advised strongly against high walls. They maintain that walls need to come down so that communities can start looking after their own, as well as giving security patrols a clear line of sight onto your property if there is anything suspicious going on.

Here are just a few of the reasons that Topfence Palisade Fencing in Cape Town is the top choice for tough but attractive perimeter security:

Locally manufactured for local conditions

Considering wet and stormy winters, along with exceptionally windy hot conditions experienced in Cape Town summers, it takes a unique type of palisade fencing to withstand all that the coastal air brings with it.

This is why Topfence designs, manufactures and installs their unique palisade fencing system right here, made by locals for locals!

Essential galvanised steel components

Nothing less than the best in galvanised steel will be of any value to you as a long term investment in security fencing around the perimeter of your residential, commercial or industrial property!

Anything less than this means you’ll be investing in fencing that will need maintenance yearly, and, if it’s particularly low quality fencing, you could well be looking at forking out another small fortune to replace it!

Topfence Palisade Fencing is maintenance free, and it will withstand all that Mother Nature throws at it gracefully, year after year!

Uniquely designed components

Every component that goes into the manufacture of Topfence Palisade Fencing is uniquely designed to make sure that your fence won’t sag, and that it will be tamper-proof, which is exactly what any property needs!

With a galvanised steel palisade pale with a stiffened rib, a unique bended horizontal section designed to prevent sagging, along with unique sandwiched fixers and security shear nut fasteners ensure that the investment you make in this unique fencing is a long term one, promising an exceptional return on your initial investment.

Only SABS approved materials will do

The SABS stamp of approval is involved in every step of the manufacturing process at Topfence, with much of the quality raw materials sourced locally in order to offer clients highly competitive prices in a challenging economy.

Tailor-made individual manufacture of your fence

The team at Topfence will take you from the drawing board to the individual manufacture of your palisade fence, unique to your style, one of a kind tailor-made to do more than simply offer you tough perimeter security, this is fencing that is also stylish even in its toughness!

The toughest palisade fencing around!

If it’s tough durability you want for your investment in Topfence Palisade Fencing, you’ll have it by the bucket-load! This team has been designing and manufacturing palisade fencing for clients since 2008, and they offer this experience and knowledge freely to make sure that your palisade fence will become an attractive, stylish addition to your property, and still give you the toughest fencing available in the Western Cape.

Take the easy route to hassle-free palisade fencing

You can look forward to absolute service excellence from first contact with the friendly team at Topfence. They’ll take on-site measurements for free, send you a free, no-obligation quote based on these measurements and your budget and, they’ll be more than happy to lend you free assistance at the drawing board while you plan your tailor-made palisade fencing for manufacture!

Contact Topfence today to find out more about how they can turn perimeter security into a work of art that’ll outlast any other fencing on the market today!



Choose palisade fencing manufactured in Cape Town by the market leaders in the industry!

In order to earn the title of being a market leader in the fencing industry in Cape Town, fencing contractors such as those at Topfence have had to make honesty, integrity, reliability, service excellence, quality products, superb workmanship and attention to detail their motto, which has held unwaveringly true since 2008!

What this means is that if you want the best fencing contractors in Cape Town on your side, then Topfence is the team for you, whether you’re planning to go for palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing!

Having remained fully focussed on the role they play in protecting the properties of their clients over the years, the awesome team at Topfence have earned their place as the trusted manufacturer and supplier of a unique palisade fencing system you won’t find anywhere else!

Remaining ahead of the rest through a dedication to cutting edge technology means that if it’s unbeatable security fencing you want as your first line of defence, this team that operates throughout the Western Cape will be your best go-to choice.

Topfence uses nothing less than the best in locally manufactured materials in the manufacture of their galvanised steel fencing, all of which bears the stamp of excellence from the SABS, and in this way affording them the ability to offer the most affordable, competitively priced palisade fencing in the region.

Service excellence is the hallmark of this team, where you can expect service delivery that cannot be beaten, and, being a stable company that’s been around for many years already, you can also fully rely on this team to provide you with any after sales service you could possibly need!

Topfence has a trusted reputation for delivering their projects on time, every time, ensuring that you don’t have to chase after them at any stage of the project to get it completed, which is a pleasant change from the usual run around one gets from contractors.

You’ll find that the friendly Topfence team is very easy to talk to, and they are more than happy to give you any information you may need to work out a budget that will suit you and make sure you have invested in quality that will give you a fantastic return on investment for many years to come.

To this team its nothing less than making sure that your family, property and business is protected by the toughest palisade fencing available on the market today, which is why they’ll do all they can to make it possible to enjoy the safety their fencing offers.

Should you decide to invest in quality Topfence Palisade Fencing or Rigid Mesh Fencing, you’ll be investing in maintenance-free quality that not only adds resale value to your property, but that adds stunning aesthetic value into the bargain!

Contact the team at Topfence today to set plans in motion for the very best in perimeter security designed specifically for the coastal conditions around the Western Cape!

Choose Topfence Palisade Fencing for the best first-level protection of your property!

Topfence started on their road to success as a market leader in the fencing industry in Cape Town in 2008 by designing a unique palisade fencing system to withstand extreme weather conditions around the coast, and, through the years, this team has extended their service excellence throughout the Western Cape.

Their priority is to maximise your perimeter security on a long-term basis, working with you to make the most of any additional levels of security you already have inside your property, residential or commercial.

There are 4 main levels of security that can be used together to make sure that you are protected on every level, in terms of having the right crime barriers in place, and they are:

1st Level

Essential perimeter security fencing

Without tough perimeter fencing your home or business is vulnerable to attack, especially since residential robberies are still the number one crime in South Africa.

Palisade fencing has become the number one choice for first-level property security, and, as many do, the addition of electric fencing over and above the spikes of your fencing, will be the perfect crime barrier to turn criminals away.

2nd Level

Essential 2nd level security measures

In tandem with quality tamper-proof palisade fencing, security gates on doors and burglar bars that cannot be tampered with create a physical crime barrier that add an extra level of security to your home and business.

Though we would all like to do away with these burglar bars and fences, we have to face the reality that the harder we make it for criminals to access our properties, the safer our loved ones and hard-earned valuables will be!

CCTV cameras work extremely well with palisade fencing as a result of the clear view these monitors have of your property, inside and out, alerting you quickly to anything suspicious. Throw in motion detectors and you’ve got your treasures well protected!

3rd Level

Essential passive 3rd level security

Burglar alarms that are triggered once anyone enters your property will give you the peace of mind that your security company will be able to see onto your property to make sure that it isn’t a false alarm, or, whether there is suspicious activity on your property.

If you’ve got your first and second levels of security well in hand, your property will become too hard a target for criminals to want to attempt to enter, however, it’s that first level of perimeter fencing that already gives criminals pause when it comes to trying to enter your property!

Choose Topfence unique tamper-proof Palisade Fencing as your first level of security!

As full-service fencing contractors in Cape Town, you can rely on the unique design of Topfence Palisade Fencing to do the toughest job of protecting the perimeter of your property, and, will also add both monetary and aesthetic value to the property!

If you want to do first-level security the easy way, choosing the most competitively priced palisade fencing in the Western Cape, start with a call to Topfence, they will take you from measurement to quote, drawing board to manufacture, and finally, to installation of the best investment you could possibly make in the security of your property!

Consider ever-escalating crime rates to choose the toughest security fencing in Cape Town as your protection

Overwhelming loss and the effects of trauma directly ascribed to criminals who want nothing more than to get onto your property, whether residential or commercial, to take what they want, irrespective of what their actions cause in terms of the long term effects of PTSD suffered by victims of crime.

It’s not just about losing valuables from your home or business, it’s about the fact that crime levels have risen to such a height that broad daylight robbery is now common, and, when someone is home at the time, violence is virtually a given.

Criminals don’t care who gets in their way, as long as they can gain access, get what they want and get out before security patrols are alerted or the police arrive.

If your property is completely open from the pavement to your front door, it is an invitation for criminals to do as they please, to the extent that they’ll simply batter down your doors or windows to get in, which is why the choice to install tamper-proof palisade fencing in Cape Town has become the number one choice as a first line of defence on your property.

Criminals know exactly how long it’ll take for your security company to respond to an alarm, and they make it their business to get in and get out before anyone can catch or identify them, especially if they’ve been able to scale a wall around your property.

Walls give them a sense of security to do exactly as they please without anyone outside of the property being any the wiser to their presence, which is precisely why many South Africans are breaking down their walls and choosing palisade fencing as the perfect crime barrier today.

The security of our families, homes and businesses are a number one priority in light of increased crime, and, while you’re deciding on the right security fencing for your property, here are a few frightening statistics from Stats SA crime statistics 2019/2020, which should add urgency to your decision to take defensive action.

In this article you’ll find that housebreaking is still the number one crime in South Africa!

Highest unemployment rate 2020

The unemployment rate in South Africa has hit an all-time high on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving over 30% of South Africans unemployed, and, with the lockdown restrictions imposed in 2020, unable to find even casual work to put food on the table!

Can high tech security measures protect your property?

On the heels of massive unemployment and rising crime rates, the question is; can high tech security measures really protect you, your family and your property?

The answer is frightening in its simplicity; the more sophisticated security measures become the more sophisticated criminals and crime syndicates become in their determination to continue their crimes unabated.

Does your high boundary wall really protect you?

The answer is no! Walls can be scaled and give criminals the cover to do what they please once over your wall. Not even CCTV cameras can help once criminals know where the blind spots are in your system, and make use of them.

If you really want CCTV to work effectively, palisade fencing is the answer!

Because your CCTV cameras will have a clear line of site outside and inside your property, you’ll be choosing the finest perimeter fencing possible to work in tandem with all other security measures you already have in place.

Criminals view palisade fencing as too much hard work and it makes a perfect crime barrier that sends them off to find softer targets. They want it to be easy to gain entry to your property and palisade fencing doesn’t offer them this.

Contact the team at Topfence today about what their unique palisade fencing system can do to offer you the toughest perimeter fencing in Cape Town, designed locally for local weather conditions to stand strong many years after installation!

Topfence Palisade Fencing protects your property in lasting style

There’s no doubt about it, Topfence has turned security fencing in the form of palisade fencing into a work of art, designing and manufacturing fencing that is undeniably tough and attractive to boot!

Being a local team of fencing contractors that self-manufacture their unique palisade fencing system, they’ve made sure that fencing, whether palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing, can withstand all that the climate in the Western Cape can throw at it and still stand tall!

Because we live in a region that is constantly under assault from salty coast air, the team at Topfence has made sure that every component used in their fencing is impervious to rust.

This means galvanised steel components, from nuts and bolts to palisade pale and the unique Topfence sandwiched fixers that keep your fence standing against all weather.

Topfence is proud to be able to produce tailor-made palisade fencing designed to follow the contours of your property, or, should you prefer, to install it in a modular form, whether for residential, commercial or industrial properties.

Many businesses, schools, parks, sports fields, hospitals, security complexes and industrial properties choose to go with rigid mesh fencing as a crime deterrent. With no foothold to be gained with this fencing, you can be absolutely sure that no one will be able to climb it.

Palisade fencing is pretty much the number one choice when it comes to introducing style and elegance to the toughest security fencing around, which is also often the choice for residential properties, security complexes and churches.

Buyers in the market for a home today are far more interested in a property that is already secured by palisade fencing, and, with Topfence Palisade Fencing, you’ll have added resale value to your property as well as bringing with the security aesthetic value that increases the curb appeal of your property.

Research has proven that high walls offer protection for criminals once they’ve gained access to your property, whereas with palisade fencing they have nowhere to hide, even if they do somehow manage to climb the fence!  They’ll be very uncomfortable being in full view of passers-by and security patrols, which makes palisade fencing the number one choice for security fencing in Cape Town.

Topfence palisade fencing is manufactured individually to suit the design of clients and on-site measurements taken at the outset of your journey to safety with Topfence.

It’s your personal taste that will determine the design of your tailor-made palisade fence, and you’ll have plenty of help from the team at Topfence at the drawing board before your design gets sent to the Topfence manufacturing plant in Cape Town.

The Topfence signature of quality also extends to pedestrian swing gates, vehicle swing gates and sliding gates, rounding off the look of your property and creating an effective crime barrier second to none.

Contact the friendly team of experts at Topfence today to find out more about protecting your property with the toughest crime barrier around!

How to get a hassle-free quote for quality fencing in Cape Town

If there’s one thing that can drive you up the wall, it’s when you’ve finally decided to invest in fencing and have to wait and wait and hope that the quote will actually arrive.

This is more common than you may think, even in an economy that would make you think that the quote would be with you pronto, to make sure the company gets your business ahead of the competition.

Being market leaders in the fencing industry in Cape Town, this is one thing you won’t experience with Topfence! They make getting a quote for palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing absolutely hassle-free, delivered by the true professionals they are.

Since 2008, Topfence has been making an excellent name for themselves for delivering service excellence, from A to Z, whether it’s in measuring on-site for your fence, manufacturing it or installing it!

This team takes security fencing very seriously, and as such, have developed a unique palisade fencing system for residential and commercial properties that cannot be beaten as a top crime deterrent.

Not only is Topfence Palisade Fencing the toughest fencing around, it’s also stylish and attractive, designed to be an aesthetically pleasing extension of your property and to keep criminals out.

Manufactured by Topfence in Cape Town, this unique palisade fencing is tamper-proof, meaning that no one can cut, climb or tamper with this fence at all, and, because it’s designed to suit the coastal air around the Cape, it will be standing long after you’ve enjoyed great returns on your investment.

If you want to work with a down-to-earth team of professionals who really know their business, Topfence will deliver a wholesome transparency that is rare today, making them a highly trusted team of fencing contractors in the Western Cape.

You’re not under any obligation if all you want is information about this tough fencing and prices to will assist you with planning your budget for the day you call on this team to begin the journey to the highest quality in palisade fencing you could possibly find.

If and when you do decide to go ahead with this team, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the ease with which you can communicate your ideas, and, with this much experience, Topfence will take you every step of the way to design and manufacture your tailor-made palisade fence.

How to get your hassle-free quote for palisade fencing from Topfence:

Request a quote

You can fill in an online contact form and the team will get back to you without wasting time, or you can call them to get the ball rolling towards getting on-site measurements done.

Meet on site

A Topfence representative will meet you on site at a time convenient to you, to take free measurements that will then become the basis for your quote.

Discuss fencing options

At this site meeting you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your options for the fence, such as whether you’d like it installed modular or designed to follow the contours of your property.

The Topfence quick-response quote

Based on the measurements taken on site, you can expect a quick response from the team at Topfence, with a competitively priced quotation free of obligation or pressure.

Trust the market leaders in fencing!

You will be working with a really great team once you get to the drawing board, where they’ll assist you free of charge to make sure your tailor-made palisade fence is perfect for your property.

Nothing could be easier than requesting a quote from Topfence, give them a call today and find out why they are the top choice for fencing solutions in Cape Town!

This is why customers choose Topfence Palisade Fencing in Cape Town

Crime rates in the Western Cape have been soaring year on year, and now, with the job losses incurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, these rates are at an all time high, as desperation leads even the best of people to crime, just to put food on the table.

In addition to this, as soon as the latest security systems hit the market, criminals have become as sophisticated at circumventing some of the best security systems on the market, adjusting their approach to gaining access to your property accordingly.

It’s no longer even safe to live without any perimeter fencing even if you live in a security complex; the risks far outweigh the cost of installing quality palisade fencing that will act as a highly effective crime barrier.

It’s an open invitation for criminals who are so brazen today that they’ll simply bash your front door open to gain access to your home or business.

A high wall is no longer much protection at all, because once a crime syndicate has marked your home as a high value target, they’ll find a way over the wall and onto your property, no matter what, leaving them free to do whatever they want, undetected by security patrols or passersby.

Even with an electric gate on your driveway, you are left exposed for the period it takes to open, and, if a criminal has already scaled your wall, you won’t know until he pounces. They also use that opportunity to get into your property before you realise it’s happened.

This makes it essential for anyone still living behind a wall to be very aware while waiting to enter the property and to be alert to the possibility of anyone hiding out of sight on your property.

As market leaders in the fencing industry in Cape Town and surrounds, Topfence has been designing and manufacturing their own unique palisade fencing system designed to keep criminals out. Palisade fencing makes your property unappealing to criminals because of the risk of injury should they even attempt to climb the fence.

This team has been responsible for providing quality fencing solutions in the Western Cape, at affordable prices that allow all access to the very best in security fencing.

The team of experts knew back in 2008 that only tailor-made palisade fencing solutions, manufactured using galvanised steel components, could ensure the safety of their customers for maximum security.

Why customers choose Topfence Palisade Fencing:

3 free services!

The site visit from a Topfence representative to take meticulous measurements is free, as is the no-obligation quote you’ll receive soon after the measurements are done. Another free service this expert team offers is assistance at the drawing board as you design your tailor-made palisade fencing!

Competitive prices for exceptional quality

Using the latest technology in the manufacture of this palisade fencing, along with locally produced SABS approved materials, has enabled the team at Topfence to offer highly competitive prices for outstanding quality, durability and toughness!

Galvanised steel tamper-proof palisade fencing

Topfence Palisade Fencing is truly unique in that the team has designed security sheer nut fasteners that make it impossible to tamper with your fence, which also cannot be climbed or cut. In effect, with a crime barrier like this, you can rely on the fact that criminals will be turned away by the spikes facing them and head for easier targets!

End to end service in a nutshell!

If you aren’t quite ready to take the leap and invest in palisade fencing, the awesome team at Topfence will be more than willing to give you guidance on prices, and to answer any questions you may have, before settling down to plan your budget.

Once you’ve chosen Topfence as your number one fencing contractor in Cape Town, you can look forward to streamlined service from a team that’s great to work with, from drawing board to final installation of your fence, end to end service at its very best!

Let Topfence secure your property with the toughest security fencing around, it’s a decision you won’t regret, and, an investment that gives you a high return on investment!